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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, there’s no time to lose – contact the Law Office of Robert M. Burns, P.C. for an aggressive criminal defense. Attorney Robert M. Burns has almost 4 decades of criminal defense experience that he is ready to apply to your case in Dallas, TX.

Attorney Robert M. Burns has been licensed to practice law since 1979. Since then, he has worked hard to gain a well-rounded understanding of criminal law in order to better serve his clients. Now he offers legal defense and counsel for a variety of criminal law cases. Discuss the details of your case with attorney Robert M. Burns today.

Complicated Cases Don’t Scare Attorney Robert M. Burns

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Attorney Robert M. Burns' practice areas

Attorney Robert M. Burns doesn’t shy away from complicated cases. He has experience with all types of cases, from speeding tickets to murder. His areas of practice include:

Attorney Robert M. Burns isn’t afraid to stand confidently in the courtroom on your behalf. Get in touch with him now to start building your defense.

Attorney Robert M. Burns will keep fighting after a conviction

An unfavorable conviction doesn’t mean the fight is over. Attorney Robert M. Burns performs post-conviction relief work. He can file appeals and other legal actions to seek a lesser conviction. Call attorney Robert M. Burns right away for the legal counsel you need after a conviction.

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